METAL SOLUTION CONSULT (MSC) undertakes the three-dimensional (3D) modelling of any steel and composite construction. This results in full and 3D project display for you and especially for your customers. The cooperation and the avoidance of mistakes between the manufacturer and the engineer or between the contractor and the customer, especially on complex structures, are secured in the maximum level.

More specifically a file is sent that includes the construction of three-dimensional form (3D Rendered), where the user can see the final version of the project, the connections in detail, the properties (hardness, any special dye) members and other materials. It also provides the ability the user to intervene and note any change that has occurred in the project, on the model and revert it to the sender for the necessary changes.

Finally, the construction process is facilitated as the anegertis has the capability of visual (3D) perception of the total project and each of each phase of construction.